Watershed Improvement District


One of the main missions of the WID is to keep the lake clean and navigable. It is the focal point of the community and directly affects home values. Over the years, it has been necessary to spend considerable resources of time and money to bring in outside companies to dredge the silt and to remove it to dump sites out of Lake Barcroft. This was generally a four-year cycle except when heavy storms brought considerable debris and silt from upstream tributaries. There are two decanting basins, one at Beach 3 and another at Beach 5. The raw silt is deposited in the basins and allowed to dry out. Once rid of the water, the silt is trucked to disposal sites, sometimes requiring tipping fees. This is an expensive operation. Some years ago, the County used the silt to cover a land fill. More recently an agreement has been made with a land fill to take the silt at no charge for their use.

In 2008, the WID purchased used dredging equipment from another lake and refurbished it. This will allow the WID to dredge where necessary and continually. Using outside companies to dredge required expensive fees just to position their equipment at Lake Barcroft. The WID uses another company, Princeton Hydro, to survey the lake using a fathometer tied to a GPS. The date is then mapped out showing the depths on charts. Over time the staff can see the changes and determine where the shallow spots are.