Watershed Improvement District


Over the years, more and more upstream construction has reduced the capacity of permeable soil to absorb storm water. This has resulted in some severe flooding downstream in the Huntington area of Alexandria. Affected home owner's associations have blamed Lake Barcroft asserting that the dam has let excessive water inundate their properties. The dam is designed to spill only what comes into the lake while maintaining a constant water level of 208.5 feet above sea level. In two storms during June-July 2006 and November 2006, the Corps of Engineers concluded in a study of peak flows that Lake Barcroft did not contribute to the peak flow at Cameron Run in the Huntington area.

The June-July in 2006 storm was particularly bad. It rained on and off for several days saturating the ground and bringing significant runoff into the lake. It washed away the boat barrier at the dam and filled the lake with debris. Bottom surveys for before the storm and after showed how much silt had washed into the lake. Applications were submitted for the damage and debris removal to FEMA. Awards totaling $330,000 were awarded to clean up the mess and dredge the silt build-up.