LBWID COVID-19 Notice (3-23-2020)

In cooperation with the Centers for Disease Control’s recommendations for containing/limiting the spread of COVID-19, the LBWID has informed its staff that they should avoid all in-person contact with residents.  Furthermore, until further notice the LBWID staff will not be participating with in-person work related meetings or events.  To the extent possible the LBWID will remain open so that we can perform our critical functions but some tasks that require staff to work in close proximity with each other will be limited as much as possible. Until further notice the LBWID is closing its office to the general public, should you need to reach the LBWID you can call the office at 703-820-1300 or email lbwid@vacoxmail.com.  In the event of an emergency you can contact Davis Grant (LBWID General Manager) at 703-209-2080. Please know that we are taking these measures to not only protect the safety and health of the LBWID staff but also to protect the general public. 

Thank you for your understanding and for your cooperation.


Davis Grant

LBWID General Manager



The Lake Barcroft Watershed Improvement District (WID) is a Virginia government agency, with boundaries coincident with the Lake Barcroft community, devoted to conservation and environmental responsibilities.

WID is concerned with water quality of Lake Barcroft, discharges from the Barcroft dam and the environmental integrity of the watershed above Lake Barcroft.