Debris Management

WID Lake Debris Management Plan

  • Debris at the dam gets top priority. We have to keep the gate clear so it won’t jam or otherwise foul. The small side spillway also must be free of debris. And the WID cove and approach must be kept clear to move equipment in an out. We may have to interrupt cleanup in some areas and give the dam area priority because the current and wind sends debris to accumulate there.
  • Next, we focus on large concentrated mats of debris wherever they are because this is the most effective way of using the machinery and capturing it before it disperses.
  • Then we pick locations where collection efficiency is going to be highest based on debris concentration, distance to the Beach 3 and 5 removal areas, wind and other factors. These locations can change overnight and from day to day.
  • As soon as possible we clean the small coves where production efficiency is low.
  • Finally, the last targets are the small scattered pieces of organic matter and white trash that requires hand picking.

If we did not prioritize in this way, the entire cleanup might take days longer and debris mats would break up and clutter the lake even more.

This is a short article regarding theĀ debris cleanup following a storm in September 2011.