About the WID

The Lake Barcroft Watershed Improvement District (WID) is a Virginia government agency (Political Subdivision of the Commonwealth of Virginia) founded in 1973. The primary responsibilities are the conservation of Lake Barcroft and its inherent environmental qualities, as well as, the operation and maintenance of the Lake Barcroft dam. 

The WID’s main operations objectives are to monitor the water quality and depths of Lake Barcroft, monitor the discharges from the Lake Barcroft dam, and advocate for the environmental integrity of the watershed above Lake Barcroft. The contributing watershed poses many challenges for the WID, such as dredging and removing the thousands of cubic yards of sediment along with the tons of trash and debris that wash into the Lake on an annual basis. The WID invests a considerable amount of staff resources and funds working with the local authorities in discovering and implementing new techniques and policies to protect the lake, watershed, and environment.

All of these WID operations are overseen by an appointed Board of Trustees (three Lake Barcroft residents) along with the WID staff, consultants, and contractors. 

The WID shares interest in Lake Barcroft with the community homeowners association, the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA). The WID and the LBA share the same boundaries and constituency, but they have key differences in their operations and structure.  The LBA is a volunteer based association that employees seasonal staff to assist with recreation management and common grounds maintenance.

To learn more about the history of the LBA and the WID, you can go to www.lakebarcroft.org click on the “About” tab.